Sunmi became September’s special cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine!

During the photo shoot, Sunmi was wearing a tank top and smiling at the camera. She also posed with her fingers that resembled Cosmopolitan’s 20th anniversary.

In an interview that was held after the photo shoot, Sunmi shared about her debuting at a young age, now just six years away from celebrating her own 20th debut anniversary. Sunmi said, “I never thought I’d be able to be survive for this long. But I think we’re age can’t stop from trying to things these days!” She also mentioned, “But I need to try more so I don’t fall behind and get stuck. I want to be a female solo artist who can last my career for a long time.”

Meanwhile, Sunmi released her single, ‘pporappippam’ this year and is currently collaborating with Park Jin Young’s ‘When We Disco’.

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