On August 26, according to the Ministry of culture, sports, and tourism of Korea, ITZY has been selected as Honorary Public Relations Ambassador of Korea Tourism.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Korea Tourism Organization and Ministry of culture, sports, and tourism of Korea has decided to promote Korea Tourism a digital transformation through online. The digital transformation of tourism is to proactively overcome the environmental constraints of Korean Tourism promotions by Corona 19 and to further strengthen communication with the increasingly large number of digital consumers.

ITZY who has been selected as Korea Tourism Honorary Public Relations Ambassador, has greatly contributed in overcoming COVID-19. They have appeared on Korean Tourism video that was uploaded on YouTube to promote Korea.

Meanwhile, ITZY has released their third mini album ‘Not Shy’ on August 17, and has sold 144,355 copies of their mini album in its first week. Moreover, the music video is about to reach 30 million views shortly!

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