Idols have a very tight schedule during their promotion period, but when they take time off or have a vacation, they go off for quite a long time. Therefore, some idols spend time wisely enjoying their hobbies or doing other activities. Today’s list is about k-pop stars who have special/unique hobbies!

1. Red Velvet, Irene <Laundry &Ironing>

Irene likes to do the laundry and iron her clothes. Her hobby is already pretty famous among Red Velvet fans as she has mentioned on TV before. One of the reasons why she likes doing the laundry is because of the scent of fabric conditioners. Also, Irene likes ironing as well. She often irons clothes for her dad or other Red Velvet members.

2. Seventeen, Hoshi <Vacuum packaging>

Seventeen member Hoshi has a very unique hobby. He likes to vacuum package his food. Hoshi even bought special products to do this and has already mentioned it on V Live and through official fan-cafe. Hoshi cuts vegetable into little pieces, vacuum packages them and puts it in the fridge so he can take them out whenever he wants to eat them.

3. Oh My Girl, JIHO <Screenshoting Time >

Jiho of Oh My Girl also has an uncommon hobby. She likes to screenshot her lock screen when the time has matching numbers ex)11:11. Jiho said her favorite is when the date and time is exactly the same. For example, November 11, 11:11 would make her happy. She has been doing this since middle school and said there are about 2-3,000 screenshots of these ‘time pictures’ on her phone. Jiho mentioned, just by looking at these photos makes her calm and peaceful.

4. BTS, RM <Bonsai>

RM’s hobby is very special and unique. He likes to grow Bonsai. Bonsai is a fascinating art-form that combines horticultural techniques and Asian aesthetics in a unique way. RM even names all of his plants; Maehwa-Maehwa baby, Jin baek tree- JjinJjin, oriental cherry tree-cherry, and maple- duck. Since planting is not easy and Bonsai especially needs special care to grow, we can tell that RM takes responsibility and appreciates small but precious lives. RM also likes to ride bicycles.

5. GFriend, Yuju <Pole Dancing>

Yuju of GFriend has been learning pole dancing for quite a long time now. She performed wonderful pole dancing on TV program ‘Video Star’. She was really good and other guests who appeared on the same program were surprised. Yuju also shared that her mom and agency’s CEO would not let her pole dance before because she might get bruised or hurt herself. But now they let her dance and she practices often.

What do you think of these unique hobbies that idol stars have? Do you enjoy any of them? Let us know if there are any other unique hobbies that you know or other artists enjoy!

Source from: Idole Magazine

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