MBC’s ‘Hangout with Yoo’ uploaded an official statement regarding Lee Hyori’s stage name for the project girl group ‘Refund Expedition’.

On the recent episode of ‘Hangout with Yoo’ that was aired on August 22, Lee Hyori had a one-on-one meeting with the producer Jimmy Yoo (Yoo Jae Suk). The new project ‘Refund Expedition’ is a project girl group of Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Hyori, Jessi, and MAMAMOO’s Hwasa.

During their conversation in the meeting, Lee Hyori said she doesn’t have a name to use on the stage yet. Then she said, “How about something global like Mao?” In response to this, Chinese viewers responded with their discontent as the name was reminiscent of Mao Zedong.

The show released an official statement on August 24 as below,

Hello, this is the staff of ‘Hangout With Yoo’.

We are aware of the fact that some international viewers felt uncomfortable during the episode that aired on August 22 when choosing Lee Hyori’s name for the stage ‘Mao’ came up as one of the options.

Although we had no intention of alluding specific individual mentioned, we have edited out that part of the program from VOD replay services to stop any more misunderstandings regards to the issue.

Also, Lee Hyori has chosen a different stage name for her character.

We will try our best to be more concern and careful in the future.

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