On August 21, BTS released English single ‘Dynamite’.

According to YouTube, BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ music video hit 101.1 million views in 24 hours since its release and has set a new record. Often, YouTube’s official view count and actual view that is measured in real time is different but reported by YouTube, the views for ‘Dynamite’ reached a higher number than the 98.3 million view count that was seen on the site at the 24-hour mark.

‘Dynamite’ is the biggest YouTube premiere in history. The official record for the highest number of views in the first 24 hours was BLACKPINK’s ‘How You Like That‘ of 86.3 million but now BTS has set a new record of 101.1 million.

Congratulations BTS! Check Out their ‘Dynamite’ Music Video below,

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