Sunmi, ITZY, and Park Jin Young reacted to Park Jin Young’s ‘When We Disco’ Music Video.

ITZY members reaction to ‘When We Disco’ Music Video is super cute. They kept saying, ‘Wow’ and concentrated to the video. They said the song is familiar since they could hear it from next door when they were practicing. Members also said JYP looked young in the video. They loved the movie set and choreography of the song.

In the next video, Park Jin Young and Sunmi watch the music video together. Sunmi asked Park Jin Young if she was the only artist he had in mind for the song. Park Jin Young explained the episode of working with Sunmi. When Sunmi sent him a recording of a song during Wonder Girls promotions back in America, the lyrics for ‘When We Disco’ reminds him of, ‘I miss those days when we disco’. Sunmi also said she missed those times, so JYP thought, ‘this can’t be a coincidence,’ and that is when he asked her, “Do you really miss the days when we worked together?” and when Sunmi answered yest, that’s when he decided to work together.

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