BTS’s J-Hope donated 100 million won ($84,350~ US) to vulnerable children in need!

J-Hope is a member of ChildFund Korea’s Green Noble Club. Green Nobel member is only given to people who have donated large amount of money. J-Hope became the 146th member of Korea’s Green Noble Club in 2018, and donated 150 million won ($129,580~ US). In 2019, he donated 100 million won ($84,350~ US) to support children in need. This year when he made a donation, he shared, “I hope the donation is delivered well to vulnerable children who have been harmed by various social issues, especially the children who are experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID-19.”

J-Hope’s donation will be delivered to vulnerable children who are suffering from financial difficulties and also kids who have suffered from Korea’s recent flood.

J-Hope makes donation without informing his agency or media and BTS’s fandom, ARMY have also contributed a lot of donations to help people. Thank you for the good influence J-Hope and ARMYs!

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