On August 17, ITZY unveiled their new album ‘Not Shy’!

‘Not Shy’ is written by Park Jin Young (JYP) and co-written by Kobee and Earattack. It is a love song, telling people not to be shy when expressing their feelings of love. The song is very bright with an addictive melody that suits perfectily with ITZY’s vibe.

ITZY also released a reaction video to their MV. They tried their best to not spoil the music video and share episodes. They also gave hints to MITZYs (ITZY fandom) about the music video scenes. Yeji shared, “Producer Park Jin Young praised us a lot about this comeback, and he even hyped us up by telling us we looked great in this music video.”

Here is the music video and reaction video of ITZY’s ‘Not Shy’ below,

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