On August 12, Park Jin Young (JYP), Sunmi, and Kim Hyung Suk appeared as guests on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’.

During the show, Park Jin Young and Sunmi promoted their new single, ‘When We Disco’ and shared about the time Park Jin Young and Wonder Girls went to the United States to promote their song. He also added a story about being a roommate with Bang Si Hyuk who is the founder of Big Hit Entertainment.

In addition, Park Jin Young explained about the controversy over his religion. A Korean media, Dispatch published photos and recordings of Park Jin Young accusing him of being a member of the Salvation Sect. Park Jin Young clarified that he is not part of the sect and the taken photos were from a regular Bible study group which he and his friend made. He said, “I first developed my faith while studying the Bible but the articles said I was a pseudo and that I was affiliated with a particular religion, but that’s fake news. However, the media didn’t publish any articles adjusting the false news.

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