IU and Suzy donated 100 million KRW (84,343 USD) each to The Hope Bridge Association.

IU donated under her legal name,’Lee Ji Eun’. She is also known to be the ‘Donation Angel’ in the entertainment industry as IU has been continuously donating. Previously, she has donated more than 300 million KRW (~253,026 USD) to fight against COVID19 and has also donated 100 million KRW to a child fun on Children’s’ Day.

Suzy is also another ‘Donation Angel’. She donated 100 million KRW without letting her agency know. The agency stated, “She didn’t notify us and donated so we only found out about the donation when we read the article.”

The Hope Bridge Association has been conducting an emergency relief campaign for flood damage in 2020 and to help people who have suffered from flood due to torrential rain. Many celebrities, including IU, Park Seo Joon, Suzy, and Yoo Jae Seok, have donated to this organization.

Thank you for the good influence guys!

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