On August 11, Kwon Mina uploaded an apology on her Instagram regarding to her incideny.

As previously reported, Mina was hospitalized on August 8 after a suicide attempt. Now she has been discharged from the hospital and is currently resting at her mother’s home. On the same day, FNC Entertainment uploaded an apology and after three days, Kwon Mina posted the following statement,

“I am sorry for making a disappointment to people who having been supporting me and being worried about me. I once again apologize for those of you who were shocked at the picture and who were hurt by me.

When I couldn’t wake up that night, I heard my previous colleagues from FNC Entertainment stayed by my side.. I also met up with the CEO, Han Sung Ho today. I really liked FNC and AOA. Back then, I was so sad and went through a tough time because I had to give up AOA due to these issues. I felt Han’s sincerity after having a conversation with him today. I just regret that it got to this far.

I’m so sorry to the fans, acquaintances, and family who were worried about me and to AOA fans who went through a hard time because of me. I’ll receive my treatment so that it does not happen again. I’m so sorry.”

Recently, Mina has posted a self-harm image along with a message suicide note. She called out to Jimin, Seolhyun, and FNC Entertainment CEO Han Sung Ho and said good bye. Her Instagram account has been deleted and fans are hoping that she is going through a treatment and will recover soon.

Take care Mina.

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