On August 11, A Pink’s Oh HaYoung shared through ‘V Live’ broadcast that Twice‘s Jihyo, Mina, Kim Sejeong, and herself left the soccer team.

She stated, “I left the soccer team after my birthday as well as TWICE’s Jihyo and Mina. We did not leave the team because of any issues, but because of the false and suspicions rumors about the team, and also because we didn’t want to worry the fans or people around us who were suffering due to the rumors.”

Hayoung continued, “We first started with a good intention which was to have a healthful hobby that we could enjoy, but if people keep seeing this in a different way than we originally intended than there’s no meaning to it. Few of my fans wanted me to leave the team so I felt even if I’m not guilty about anything, people will continue to misunderstand, so I’ve decided to leave the team to stop the issues.” 

It was sad for her to say, “The reason we joined the team was also because we wanted to play with some similar aged friends rather than to play by ourselves, but now even my friends are upset because of the rumors. So from now on, if I want to play soccer, then I would play on my own quietly that is away from public’s attention. Overall, that’s why we all decided to leave the team to make our fans stop worrying about us.”

Previously, A Pink’s Hayoung made a female soccer team, ‘FC RUMORw’. and female celebrities including herself, TWICE’s Jihyo and Mina, Gugudan’s Kim Se Jung & Nayoung, EXID’s Junghwa, actress Kim Sae Ron, and more joined the team. However, after this news came to public, people began to make rumors such as, “The team is associating with another celebrity men’s soccer team, ‘FC RUMOR’, outside of the soccer field.”

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