Some celebrity stars show interest in learning new things or having hobbies that are in different fields from their career. Some of them even obtain certificates or licenses from it. Today I would like to introduce 5 idol stars who have unique certificates.

1. Minah, Girl’s Day- Excavator Certificate

Minah got her Excavator Certificate when she was filming a reality program called, ‘Eco Village, Are you excited 家!’ (Literal translation). The show was about building a house that hosts always wanted. Minah said there is a certain limit for women to use power against men when using muscles, so she applied for the license and obtained it. At that time Minah didn’t even have her driver’s license so many people were surprised at the result and her skills did actually help the team a lot.

2. Choi Min Hwan, FT Island- Personality Leader Certificate, chimmelier 

Choi Min Hwan who is a member of FT Island and a dad of three children, has a Personality Leader Certificate and a chimmelier certificate. If you have a Personality Leader Certificate, you can teach people and even students at school during after school activities.

Chimmelier is a combination word of chicken (Korean style fried chicken) and Sommelier. The certification was given at an event held from a fried chicken company to select best chicken eaters. They had to guess which product of chicken the brand was by flavors, smell, and color.

3. Soyou, Sistar – Hair Designer Certificate

SoYou got her Hair Designer Certificate when she was 15 years old which was before her debut. As a trainee, she thought she needed some other skills just in case she doesn’t become a singer. So at the age of 15 years old (Korean age), she obtained the license. When SoYou was on JTBC’s TV show, ‘Great marriage’ (literal translation) she cut guest; Jeong Hoon Hee’s hair and said she owns a hair designer certificate.

4. Solar, Mamamoo – Recreation Certificate, Laughter therapist, Fun Leadership Certificate

Solar of Mamamoo has Recreation Certificate, Laughter therapist, and Fun Leadership Certificate. She also gained them before debut, when she was a trainee. Solar said it only took her three days to obtain all of these certificates. There was a reason why she makes people laugh all the time!

5. Jun Hyo seong, Secret – Korean History Proficiency Test Certificate

Korean History Proficiency Test Certificate is a certificate you obtain when you pass the Korean History Proficiency Test. Jun Hyo seong said she started to study for Korean History after the mistake she made. At that time she said she didn’t know what it meant or how the word was used but people were not happy with it. After the incident, Jeon Hyo Seong sincerely regretted her words and started to show in action. She studied Korean History so that she would not make any more mistakes and also started to donate to ‘House of Sharing’ every year which is a shelter for victims of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery. It has already been 7 years since the incident and she is still showing her regrets regarding to the mistake she made. People are recognizing her actions and starting to forgive her.

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