On August 8, Kwon Mina; a former member of AOA, posted on Instagram that she had attempted suicide.

The following day, Woori Actors (her current agency) stated, “Kwon Mina is currently resting in the hospital under care of her mother. She is going through examinations and will continue to receive a treatment. The date of her discharge has not been decided yet but we are considering the possibility of a long-term treatment. It will be decided due to the discussion of her family and medical team.”

Meanwhile, on the same day, FNC Entertainment (Kwon Mina’s previous agency) released a statement regarding Mina’s incident. Here is the statement below,

This is FNC Entertainment.

We sincerely apologize about causing concern with the many unfortunate matters related to AOA. Most importantly, we apologize to Kwon Mina, who is going through a difficult time, and hope she will recover her health quickly.

We apologize for the delay of the agency’s statement. We also deeply apologize for the failure of taking care of AOA members and for their relationship. We hesitated several times over the clear delivery of our position, and the members have also been frustrated with the criticism and misunderstanding. We also have been aware of the fact that there has been a lot of criticism regarding the agency and the members. Though we repeatedly contemplated revealing our stance, the most important thing for now is Kwon Mina’s recorvery.

We have come to the conclusion that explaining things that are being said and publicly deciding on what is right and wrong in this situation will only occur more issues and will not resolve the situation. We have also stopped AOA members from making individual statements on their social media even though they had wished to. We came to the conclusion that showing each of their statements in front of the public and having fights occur over those statements would not be the right way of resolving the situation.

Recently, when Kwon Mina asked the agency’s employees about Shin Jimin’s future plans for her activities, we did not respond because Shin Jimin had personally spoken with the agency that she has no intention at all to work in the entertainment industry and wanted to live on as a non-celebrity.

Regarding the matters mentioned in Kwon Mina’s social media posts, such as payment, we have been strictly abiding by industry standards, and if there is any potential problem, we will take legal responsibilities.

Once again, we sincerely wish for Kwon Mina to quickly recover her health, and we will work hard for a good resolution. We ask the public to support and cheer on Kwon Mina so she can return healthy.

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