On August 10, Big Hit Entertainment has launched BTS’s character ‘TinyTAN’.

TinyTan is animation characters inspired by BTS members. The concept is manifesting BTS’ second ego into the characters which has an outlook of the world that crosses the real world through ‘Magic Door’. Not only the brand will reflect on BTS members’ characteristics but also contain the good influences and empathy through music and performances they give.

Recently, TinyTan’s seven characters dancing to BTS’s ‘MIC Drop’ was released on BTS’ official YouTube channel and TinyTAN’s official twitter account. It is already receiving a positive feedback from people as not only it catches the group’s perfect choreography, but also shows the facial expressions and gestures of each members.

Big Hit Entertainment plans to introduce TinyTAN in various ways, including the actual figures, other additional items, and media contents. Weverse Shop which is the global fan commerce platform, will unveil TinyTAN-themed products and release series containing new stories within the year. Moreover, the brand has been selected as a model for P&G Downey Adorable and is looking forward to collaborate with other various brands.

Big Hit Entertainment stated, “Like the message of hope and comfort that BTS delivers, TinyTAN, the second self of BTS, will also provide fans in various forms as a healing content to support everyone’s dreams.”

Check out the video below!

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