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As you have noticed, K-pop fashion is becoming popular around the world. Fans try to buy the same outfit as their favorite artist and some even sell it overseas! Today I have brought a list of girl group members who are famous for ‘BEST DRESSED K-POP IDOL’.

1. BLACKPINK, Jennie

BLACKPINK Jennie is the ambassador for Chanel. So you will find her wearing Chanel clothes a lot. Jennie enjoys wearing fit top and comfy pants. She is literally Chanel’s muse.

2. Red Velvet, Seulgi

Red Velvet Seulgi’s fashion is ideal for ‘girl friend fashion’. She wears diverse style of clothes from tight fitting dress to comfy trousers. Her shape and healthy image also plays a roll.

3. APINK, Son Na Eun

APINK NaEun has another name. She is called ‘Goddess of Leggings’. She once wore Adidas Leggings (tights) in APINK’s choreography video and made it all sold out! Na Eun enjoys gym looks including leggings and sweat pants.

4. (G)I-DLE, Sujin

Most of Sujin’s clothes are basic and simple. She likes to wear t-shirt and jeans; wide and skinny jeans. Also, you will find Sujin wearing walker shoes. Walkers can make your proportion look bad but due to her long legs, it suits her very well!

5. MAMAMOO, Wheein

As you can see from Wheein’s pictures, she enjoys wearing street-wear outfits. Her Asian face and image suits perfectly with her fashion. Even though she says she is short, you can’t really tell from the photos!

6. TWICE, Nayeon

Unlike Nayeon’s cute and bright image, she often wears hip and chic style. She also likes to wear cardigan or sweater in winter. Fans like seeing her in different styles and she pulls them off.

7. ITZY, Lia

Lia has a lot of crop tops and it’s probably because she has perfect waist. Lia’s long black hair goes well with her outfit as well. Since her debut, a lot of her fans have been complimenting about her fashion about how well it suits her.


Rosé likes to match colors with her fashion items. For example, when she wears yellow pants, she would hold her yellow luxury bag. Usually Rosé gives a point on her bag or shoes. Moreover, she is an ambassador of YSL.

9. IU

IU’s title Nation’s little sister is also shown in her fashion. Her outfit is mostly comfortable and colorful. Once IU’s size was unveiled and shocked a lot of people. She wears 33 and a half size which is the same size as a child.

10. SUZY(Former member of Miss A)

You may know Suzy as a actor but she used to be a girl group member of Miss A. Since her career change, her style also changed. Because Suzy is the ambassador of Dior, most of her outfit is Dior. The brand image is a perfect fit for her!

For this one, who do you think is the best dresser? Remember! If there is anyone you know who dresses well but is not on the list above, please write on comment below!

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