Kpop Idols are now becoming fashion icons and some of them are even brand ambassadors. Here is the list of boy group members who are well known for their fashion styles.

1. ASTRO, Cha EunWoo

Cha Eunwoo enjoys wearing dandy style casual outfits. Honestly, people say even though he wears ugly clothes, it will glow due to his gorgeous face.

2. BTS, Jimin

Jimin is famous for his stylish fashion. You can often see him wearing gender-less clothes in his pictures. A lot of his fans say his fashion is simple and unique.

3. EXO, Kai

Exo’s Kai has been called a fashion star for a long time and is also an ambassador of Gucci. His style is simple but definitely special. Usually Kai likes to hold luxury bags and some of them are sortied out to be women items.

4. Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel has been famous for his stylish fashion since he was a trainee before debut. His long legs and wide shoulders make his clothes stand out more.

5. NCT, Doyoung

Doyoung has a lot of ‘must-have’ items in his closet. Most of the time, these items go well with everything. You can match it with a unique item and it will suit well. Unlike Doyoung’s baby face, he has wide shoulders which gives a reversal attraction of his image.

6. SF9, Rowoon

Rowoon’s style is perfect for ‘boyfriend look’. He likes to mix-match his items and make it a casual or formal look. Rowoon’s tall height makes him look like a model.

7. Seventeen, The 8

Seventeen fans say, “Even though you are not a fan of seventeen, you can tell The 8’s fashion sense is amazing”. He likes to adorn himself with fashionable items and enjoys wearing street wear clothes.

8. Winner, Hoony

Hoony pull offs all types of clothes. He wears Boho-chic, streetwear, vintage, denim, and suits. He knows how to be a fashion icon and enjoys using fashionable items to try new looks.

9. BTS, RM

Everything he wears becomes a fashion trend. People look up for his items online and they usually get sold out pretty quickly. Not only his casual looks and formal looks suit him perfectly but also his training suit is captivating.

10. VIXX, Ravi

You will see Ravi wearing street-wear often according to his Instagram. He likes to wear colorful clothes including his trainers. Ravi’s unique fashion style is something you can refer to if you are interested in wearing street wear style.

Most of the pictures above are their Sabok Fashion! Who do you think is the best dresser? If there is anyone you know who dresses well but is not on the list above, please write on comment below!

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