On July 29, Kwang Hee of ZE:A appeared on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’. Other guests included Jessi, Ayumi, and Nam Yoon Soo.

He explained about ZE:A’s song, ‘Sequelae’ getting attention after few years since release. He said, ‘I think people are strange. We used to beg to watch our Music Video when we were promoting and not many people watched nor knew the song but now they want us to reunite and perform again!” Then he added, “How is it even possible to gather 9 people now! The fame is only going to last for about a week” and made everyone laugh.

Moreover, MCs asked if Kwang Hee is a pannel on ‘Hangout with Yoo’ or if he is a fixed member. Kwang Hee answered, “If I am funny in an episode, I get to appear the following week. I’m just a seasoning”. He also mentioned after “Ssak 3” episode aired, many advertisers asked him to promote their products.

Here are videos of Kwang Hee on radio star and a music video of ZE:A’s Sequelae below,

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