GFriend appeared on a new episode that was uploaded on MMTG YouTube channel. In the latest episode, MC Jaejae and GFriend had a fun interview.

They discussed about their new song, ‘Apple’ and talked about GFriend’s previous songs. They first discussed about GFriend’s debut song, ‘Glass Bead’s Choreography. Members said they practiced for 8 months and the manager said, “You need to practice until you are able to dance straight after you are awake.”

Next, GFriend shared episodes about their ‘Me gustas tu’ stage. As many people are aware of this accident, Yuju fell several times on stage because it was slippery after the rain. Yuju said some people ask her if she fell on purpose. She said it’s rude to ask such a question then added, members cried after they got off that stage.

Watch the video below for more fun moments of Gfriend’s interview!

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