On July 22, Jeon So Mi appeared on MBS’s Radio Star as a guest along with Chef Lee Yeon Bok, comedian Yoo Min Sang, and basketball player Heo Hun.

Somi said she had to transfer to a Korean school when she was in third grade due to taekwondo. Somi also shared that she was an outcast until sixth grade. She became a class president the next day she moved but didn’t even know what it meant. Somi said, “At that time I think they were jealous so started to treat me differently.” After debut, she met a girl who ostracized Somi on the streets. They said hello to each other and took pictures together. Somi described how refreshing the moment was. She said, “I guess I was relieving my feelings from the past so I felt really good.”

Meanwhile, Somi released a new song, ‘What you Waiting For’ on July 23. Here is a video of Somi talking on Raido Star and her M/V of the new song.

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