On July 22, FNC Entertainment denied the rumors being spread about AOA’s Seolhyun and said they will take legal action towards groundless rumors.

Few years ago, there was a rumor about a girl group member smoking at a Thailand hotel, causing the fire alarm to go off and hotel’s guests had to evacuate the building. However, the rumor began to recirculate on online communities recently. People thought it was Seolhyun because on E Channel’s talk show ‘Brave Journalists’ a reporter described this person as a girl-group member with many male fans and has a slender body & pure image.

The agency said, “We clearly state that the rumor is not true. We are gathering data regarding the groundless rumors and spread of false facts online in order to take legal action. It is very disappointing to see that it’s being reported as if it’s true, and we will take strong legal actions without any leniency. Seolhyun has been severely defamed from people and we will actively take legal measures regarding any other defamatory acts that occur online regarding our artists.”

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