People think ‘BTS 7 Cake’ is over priced. ‘BTS 7 Cake’ is a collaboration between BTS and ice cream company ‘Baskin Robbins’. The cake is in the shape of 7 which represents BTS’ 7th anniversary and 7 members of the group. There are also 7 flavors that each member of represents. The flavors include; ‘Mom is an Alien’, ‘Mint Chocolate Chip’, “Blueberry Cheesecake’, ‘Shooting Star’, Almond Bonbon’, ‘Cookies and Cream’, and ‘BerryBerry Strawberry’. 

‘BTS 7 Cake’ is 26,000 Won ($21.75 USD) but the flavors are not new or special. They are regular flavors that can be purchased at normal Baskin Robbins stores. Fans thought there would be something special with the ice cream cake since it is a collaboration with BTS. They also said it is overly priced since the only difference they could find is the shape, 7″

Baskin Robbins stated, “The ‘BTS 7 Cake’ is a new handmade product with 7 different types of ice cream blocks. Because manufacturing costs are higher than ordinary products, we’re only producing and selling a limited amount of 30,000.”

What do you guys think about the new cake?

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