On July 21, AOA’s Hyejeong posted a message on her Instagram to thank her staffs, colleagues and fans. Here is a message of what she has written:

“ELVIS, My Unfamiliar Family’ team started filming in warm March, and have worked hard filming until sweltering weather in May. It is finally the last episode of ‘My Unfamiliar Family’! Even though I feel careful about posting a message during this time, I wanted to thank all the actors I met, staffs, and our fans ELVIS, who were always there for me. I am going back to Hyejeong from my character Seyoung, and I’ll do my best to stay healthy mentally and physically, and take care people around me. I’ll also become a mature and developed person. I hope everyone is filled with happiness.”

Meanwhile, Hyejeong played the role of ‘Seo Young’ in tvN drama ‘My Unfamiliar Family’. As previously reported, Mina; a former member of AOA, revealed on her Instagram that she was bullied from AOA leader Jimin for 10 years. After Jimin denied the fact, Mina posted a self-harmed picture of herself and exposed AOA members’ behaviors. Later on, Mina shared that Jimin apologized personally, and her agency gave an update on Mina’s situation.

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