Woollim Entertainment CEO Lee Jung Yeop has written official apology for his actions during Instagram Live.

INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun recently live streamed on Instagram while having drinks with fellow member Sunggyu and CEO Lee Jung Yeop. But CEO’s actions and words during the live broadcast have come under public.

When Nam Woohyun said, “You can see my face too,” Lee Jung Yeop replied, “You’re look like over 80 kilograms, so stop.” The CEO also swore during the broadcast so Nam Woohyun told him to stop, but he kept on going. Sunggyu said, “I think you’re going to regret this tomorrow. Be careful.” Moreover, at the end of the Instagram Live, Lee Jung Yeop struck down on Nam Woohyun’s hat. So Woohyun said, “Did you see that? He hits me like this. He hits me too much.” When he turned the camera, the CEO mentioned, “What’s the problem with hitting you?”

On July 14, Woollim Entertainment posted CEO’s apology and here it is below,

“Hello. This is Woollim Entertainment CEO Lee Jung Yeop.

First, I sincerely apologize for the thoughtless and inappropriate behavior that I showed during Instagram Live.

They were words and actions I should not have shared on a live broadcast, no matter how close I am with the members and after checking the contents of the video, I apologized to two artists who were there.

I wish to once again apologize to two artists, people who felt uncomfortable watching the live broadcast, and to the fans who have supported Woollim artists for a long time.

I will be more thoughtful of my words and actions so that it will never happen again in the future. I am sorry.

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