On July 13 at around 3:40 AM KST, iKON members Kim Jin Hwan and Koo Jun Hoe got into a car accident. A van skidded in the rain and slammed a retaining wall on freeway. The van was traveling from Sacheon to Namhae. People who were in the vehicle were taken and treated at a nearby hospital for minor injuries.

It was later revealed that the non-celebrity driver ‘A,’ were drunk driving when the incident occurred. Local police is still investigating for the accident’s exact circumstances but so far, they believe it was due to a rain accident caused by drunk driving.

Here is a statement from YG Entertainment,

We have confirmed that a vehicle was in an accident on July 13 on Route 3 heading from Sacheon to Namhae and some members of iKON were in the car.

The injuries sustained by the driver “A” as well as the members [of iKON] had minor injuries according to doctors, and after treatment from the emergency room, they are currently resting at their dormitory.

Our agency feels deep concern and responsibility in regards to this accident, despite strict internal regulations about DUI. We will be carrying out a thorough internal investigation and take responsibilities, and the driver “A” will fully cooperate with police investigations.

We sincerely apologize.

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