On July 11, BTS’s V‘s Chinese fan club, Baidu V Bar announced that they have donated 500,000 RMB (approximately $71,500 US) to the establishment of an elementary school in China named ‘Taehyung Hope Primary School.’

The fan club stated, “Baidu V Bar, in the name of all fans, donated funds for the construction of a Taehyung Hope Primary School through the renowned Hope Project by CYDF (China Youth Development Foundation).”

China Youth Development Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to develop Chinese youth through education, science and technology, culture, physical education, health, and environmental protection. Their project Hope, is to give children opportunities to go to school who are in rural communities in China.

Baidu V Bar are expecting a completion of construction by end of this year. They have stated that “Siting and specific construction information will be open to all fans later as V Bar follows up throughout the process. The expectation now is to make a completion before the end of 2020.”

Way to go Baidu V Bar! Another good influence from Armys!

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