Through an interview on July 7, Big Hit Entertainment has reported that BTS members have enrolled or planning to study at Hanyang Cyber University. In 2017, BTS’s Jin enrolled in graduate school at Hanyang Cyber University. According to the interview, five BTS members (except Jungkook) have recently enrolled as new students at Hanyang Cyber University for their Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program in Advertising & Media.

Big Hit Entertainment clarified, “RM, Suga, and J-Hope have already enrolled in Hanyang Cyber University graduate school for an MBA program in Advertising & Media, last year March. They are currently taking classes and attending school. The agency also said Jimin and V will enter Hanyang Cyber University graduate school for an MBA in Advertising & Media in upcoming September. According to Big Hit Entertainment, Meanwhile, Jungkook is attending Global Cyber University with a major in Broadcasting and Entertainment.

Congratulations BTS!

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