Former AOA member, Youkyung, explained and clarified the ambiguous comment she left after the controversy of bullying between Mina and Jimin.

On July 4, Youkyung posted an ambiguous message on Instagram which alluded her being bullied during the time of AOA. Many people thought Youkyung’s post was relevant to the recent incident, with Mina and Jimin. 

However, on July 6th, Youkyung apologized to netizens and clarified her previous message through an Instagram post. She wrote:

Hello, this is Youkyung.
 I am writing this again because I feel like I have caused a commotion through my previous ambiguous post.

I apologize for leaving such an ambiguous post. I became instantly angered when the memories I’ve decided to bury, that has started to slowly forget came back to me.

So, I wanted to timidly express to everyone for the first and last time that I went through a difficult time as well. But I think I was just being childish. 

In the past, it seems that I didn’t have the chance to look around at my surroundings because I was having a difficult time on my own. So I thought they just watched me go through the difficult times. I never imagined that someone else could have been in a similar situation I was. So I sincerely want to say sorry. Also, I want to say you’ve endured well and I support you.

I’m okay now because I have countless people and endless voices cheering for me now. Up until now, I’ve lived my life thinking that there was absolutely nothing that would protect me and that the only thing I had was my drums in my studio.

However, that wasn’t true. I’ve realized that there are so many people who cares about me and loves me. That’s all I need. It’s enough. Once again, I want to take this chance to sincerely apologize to everyone who was hurt due to my impulsive actions and words. Also, I want to say we all persevered through the difficult times well. I also want to say let’s continue to be strong, have the courage, and I support you.

I ask that everyone refrains from saying hurtful words that make me and everyone unhappy. And I truly thank all those who are always cheering me on.


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