YG Entertainment has announced plans for debuting a new girl group and unveiling them this year. There is a chance that the group’s name will be ‘BabyMonsters’. It was actually once considered for Blackpink’s name before. The name has been put as a trademark since the beginning of this year, and is currently on the publication stage. For now, that is all we know about the new group.

Also, SM Entertainment has previously announced plans for a new girl group this summer. A new trademark has been registered. From the trademark, the new girl group will likely be named ‘LYFE’. No one knows how many members there will be in the group nor the concept by so far but we know that this group will be a multinational girl group. 4 of the potential members are Hina (Japanese), NingNing (Chinese), Jimin (Korean), and  Helen (Korean-Australian). Meanwhile, this will be SM’s first girl group in 6 years, since their latest being Red Velvet.

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