On July 2, BTS’s V shared a preview of a song he’s working on! He shared on his twitter during the early morning.

Along with the song he wrote, “Today I really, really.. really miss ARMYs. It’s not completely finished but please listen to this spoiler and wait for a moment” He added in the hashtags that he might delete it tomorrow and encouraged ARMYS to listen before he changes his mind.

His post has been deleted but thanks to Armys, they have retwitted and saved the video. Here is a glimpse of V’s new song,

Meanwhile, after V posted a snippet of his new song from his upcoming mixtape, he trended Worldwide at #1 and in 36+ countries with 11 keywords: #KTH1iscoming, #Taetae #KIMTAEHYUNG #KTH1 #KTH1_IS_COMING #THE_LYRICS #WeLoveYouTaehyung #BTSV #InnerChild #Mixtape #Taehyungie

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