On June 29, Jae; a member of Day 6, wrote on his twitter about why ‘DAY6 official Twitter-JYP Entertainment’ didn’t promote his ‘Live from DIVE Studios’ video. He posted Young K’s playlist for ‘Live from DIVE Studios’ on DAY6’s Twitter and wrote, “Why don’t you repost my dive stuff?”

He added, “I’ve recently done podcasts, ‘Hwaiting’ on Facebook, and I had a collaboration with 88rising. How come my promotions aren’t shared?” Jae then continued, “YouTube too. For my channel Jaesix, I worked on it by myself. I was told off many times by the company and had to beg for permission, but even after all that, they told me I to quit because it was ruining the company’s image. But other members from the group got their support and proper management including ideas for contents and investments.”

After he posted his thoughts, there was a respond from JYP Entertainment and Jae made an additional statement.

JYP Entertainment stated, “The company and the members solved the misunderstanding through talking. We’ll be careful not to let this happen in the future.”

Jae also added on Twitter, “I just talked to the company again, and I think there were a lot of misunderstandings. I’d like to apologize for causing trouble with my posting. What I wanted to express was a personal matter between the company and me, and I didn’t think about my members. There is nothing related to the members at all. I’m sorry to MyDay for worrying them with my careless thoughts.”

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