On June 29 KST, Sunmi unveiled her latest single ‘Pporappippam.’

In the music video, Sunmi wakes up on a bed at a purple beach. Then she goes on a adventure, making her way through the city at night. Title, ‘pporappippam’ means ‘purple glowing evening,’ .Throughout the music video, background scenes are in purple as well as Sunmi’s make up and outfits.

The song is about an imagination of alluring love and the genre is city pop. Sunmi wrote and composed ‘pporappippam’ herself. The song is produced by FRANTS who previously worked on her singles such as ‘Siren” and ‘LALALAY’.

Check out the music video below!

Sunmi’s ‘Pporappippam’ Music Video from 1thek official YouTube

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