IKON’s member, Ju-ne is under fire for exposing his underwear during his live broadcast on V app.

On June 26, he was broadcasting live on V App. He stood up from his chair to close the door and accident happened. He was only wearing his underwear under a big t-shirt. Later on, he noticed that his underwear was broadcasting live so pulled his t-shirt down to cover but it was too late.

Fans’ reactions were divided into two groups. Some fans were disappointed and said, “Who on earth does not wear pants while they are broadcasting live and talking to their fans?” and some said, “We already knew what kind of person he is, so it doesn’t matter.

People are still discussing about this news on comments saying, “some idols don’t even turn on their V app because they don’t have make up on. He has no respect to his fans. Plus I did not want to see his butt. “

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