After EXO’s Suho enlisted his military service on May 14, his considerate behavior at his military training camp is getting praised by his colleagues and fans.

On June 21, a fan of Suho wrote on Twitter, “Suho is a colleague of my boyfriend and he has been training with Suho. Suho bought a meal for his training camp peers yesterday. He contacted his training camp peers and told them he’d buy a meal. I was able to video call with him for a bit, and he even gave me his autograph.”

The fan added, “I heard that Suho really took care of his friends at the base camp.” 

It’s also said that Suho still keeps in touch with his colleagues after his 4 weeks training, and often takes pictures or gives autographs for people camp peers know. Suho is serving as a public service worker at the moment.  

From _glass_Do’s Twitter

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