On June 23, Seventeen members VernonDino, and Seungkwan appeared on ‘Jung Eunji’s Gayo Plaza’ radio as guests.

During broadcast, Seventeen members promoted their comeback mini album, ‘Heng:garae’, as well as their title track “Left & Right”. Seungkwan said, “We debated a lot about our concept while preparing for this comeback. Our concept this time is a refreshing one, but our last album had a darker concept.”

Vernon, added, “Kye Bumzu hyung (older brother for guys) picked out the tracks for us. When I listened to the tracks he picked out, I thought they had a very ‘Chill’ vibe. Hyung and I worked on everything very naturally. It was a comfortable and free atmosphere, which was nice.”  In addition, Vernon had some personal concerns. He said he is struggling with diet as he wanted to become healthy. So he is working out recently and controlling his meal plans.

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