NCT DREAM‘s Renjun, Jeno, and Jaemin’s took an interview with Arena as well as their photo shoots. In the picture, members show their matureness, which is something new from their previous images.

In the interview, members shared their own ways to enjoy summer. Renjun likes to take a drive in sunny weather, Jeno likes to swim, and Jaemin likes water sports like jet skiing. Moreover, to the question, “Who do you guys think is a great person?”, Jeno answered, “Someone who enjoys their work and is able to improve their abilities.” Jaemin said, “Someone who is stronger inside than out and who is stable”. Lastly, Rejun answered, “Someone who knows themselves. A person who is great wont have to say anything or decorate themselves but would know how good they are. I want to be like that person.”

Lastly, to the question, “What are your dreams?”, they answered, ‘to be happy and become a great person, big and clear. Also, getting loved from more fans, and to acknowledge themselves.

Photo from Arena

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