On June 14, BTS held a full 90-minute online concert, ‘Bang Bang Con The Live’.

BTS had to cancel their world tour due to COVID-19, so instead they held it online. ‘Bang Bang Con The Live’ attracted over 750,000 worldwide viewers.

Members celebrated the group’s seventh anniversary since debut and performed their hits such as “Black Swan”, “Boy With Love” as well as fan favorites such as “Boyz With Fun”, “I Like It”, “One Day”, “Jamais Vu”, “00:00 (Zero O’ Clock)” and more.

‘ARMY’s; BTS fans were very satisfied with the concert and complimented on how good it was. They said not a penny was a waste and it was totally worth it.

Meanwhile, netizens were curious about how much money BTS has made for this online concert. Based on the cost of one ticket; 30,000 KRW, multiplied by 750,000 viewers, it adds up to around 22.5 billion KRW (~18.7 million USD).

Way to go BTS!

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