Fans have been wondering why all TWICE members except Jeongyeon had individual fancams uploaded for their comeback stage.

Jeongyeon explained about her unreleased fancams of Mnet MCountdown and SBS Inkigayo on V Live.

Jeongyeon clarified that she had been suffering from a neck injury while filming Twice’s comeback music video. She felt a numbness that went all the way to her ear. Jeongyeon has been to hospital several times in the past due to her neck issues, but they said it was okay. So this time she went to a specialist doctor and they told her she has a herniated disc in her neck.

Jeongyeon personally requested broadcasting companies to not release her individual fancams as she did not want to show imperfect performances. She wanted to hide the severity of her injury to avoid causing any worries to her fans; ONCE. Jeongyeon also reassured her fans that she is doing better and is now recovering.

Hope you get better Jeongyeon!

From JYP Official

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