On June 3, Twice members; Tzuyu, Momo, and Chaeyoung appeared on Kim Shin Young’s radio show, ‘Song of Hope Radio’.

Momo mentioned how Twice members usually go out for Korean BBQ and Chaeyoung personally enjoys eating pork. Tzuyu stated that she has recently started to cut down red meat. She eats seafood but not red meat so she has become a pescatarian. Since it hasn’t been a long time, Tzuyu wants to see how well it goes with her.

Also, during the radio, the members promoted Twice’s latest album ‘More & More’. They also mentioned how some of their members appeared on ‘6 O’clock Hometown’ and ‘JTBC Morning News. Twice wanted to show fans their diverse sides and thought it would be fun to appear on unexpected shows.

From ‘H Herald Pop’

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