On June 2, Market News reported that BLACKPINK’s member Lisa is a victim of fraud by her former manager ‘A’ and the amount was 1 billion won (approximately $816,000). ‘A’ told Lisa that they would look into real estate for her but instead spent money on gambling.

This manager had been working with Blackpink since their debut and Lisa trusted her during her rookie days. It is very sad to hear this news since Lisa is a foreign member and has been in Korea by herself since she was young and she is very vulnerable to these things. Furthermore, after finding out about the scam, Lisa is currently struggling with fear, anxiety, and betrayal. 

Below is a statement from YG Entertainment,

After looking into the matter, we confirmed that Lisa was a victim of fraud by former manager “A.”

According to Lisa’s wishes to settle this amicably, as the former manager was someone Lisa had trusted, Manager “A” has reimbursed a part of the sum and has left the company after agreeing on a reimbursement plan for the rest of the sum.

We bow our heads and apologize for causing concern to the fans who love our artist.

We are embarrassed by the misconduct of “A,” and we are feeling responsible for the management and supervision. We are taking preventive measures so that this does not happen again.”

From Lisa’s Instagram

We hope to see your smile back soon Lisa. Take care!

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