On May 31st, Super Junior held an online concert; ‘Beyond The Super Show’ on V Live.

The concert was streamed all over the world and their hash tag ‘#SUPERJUNIOR_Beyond LIVE’ was ranked #1 on Twitter trend live in 13 countries including Guatemala, Malaysia, Mexico, Vietnam, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador etc. Over 123,000 fans watched the show and reached up to 2.85 billion hearts on V Live. Once again, Super Junior proved their class!

Another interesting fact is, a member of the group ‘EunHyuk’ was in charge of directing this concert. He mentioned in his interview that there will be a lot of 3D graphic and AR effects. Just as he said, these effects have enhanced their concert.

Super Junior performed ‘Sorry, Sorry’, ‘Mr. Simple’, ‘Sexy, Free & Single’, ‘MAMACITA’, ‘Bout you’, ‘Home’ and so on. They performed ‘When We Were Us’ for the first time which is a song of their mini album that will be released on 6th June.

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